Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Birthday, Buffalo Bisons, Fall, Soccer

My 15th birthday went pretty good. I don't feel any older haha. Here are some pictures.
blowing out the candles
me and Anna

Joel(front. He's holding his nails up because they are painted the same color as mine and Anna's shirts)Anna, me and Titus

This Wednesday I also went to a Buffalo Bisons baseball game with my pastor and his family(pictures above are my pastors kids). I only have like two pictures though.

we had some really good popcorn :)
Here is a picture from where we were sitting. There was no one there so later in the game me and Anna moved up to the front.  

I don't know about anyone else, but I am ready for colder weather. Today it was in the middle 50s and I loved it. I love fall and wearing jeans, sweat pants and hoodies so I'm all for fall! We also have our first soccer game this Tuesday and one on Thursday. I might have some pictures from that to put up. My dad is doing a great job coaching. I'm used to him being my coach because he coached my baseball team for 5 years. He's a great coach and he's doing awesome! Well..that's all for now I guess.